LF Mature Casual Raiding Guild

Hi Everyone,

Returning Player to WoW, but am unable to fit into the current guild raiding schedule. Currently running Protection Paladin (Tank) as main, but also have a Resto Druid (Healer) and Elemental Shaman (DPS) amongst others.

Looking for a casual mature (+30 ideally) raiding guild to match my availability of Mon, Tues, Thurs, Sat, Sun - 20.15 to 23.30 UK time.

Currently on Doomhammer but would be willing to transfer for the right guild of course.

Look forward to hearing from you.


Hi Wrum

Our group seems like just what you are looking for. If you are willing to change faction ofcourse :slight_smile:

I won’t bore you with walls of text, but the TLDR is we are a UK based (except for 2 of our members), all 30+ group of casual players.

We play most days, usually after 8PM UK time and our aim is to have fun together.
We all have met through WoW and the guild we are in and have been together playing WoW and other games for over 8 years now.

We are not massively recruiting as we like the way our group is. Simply looking for few more people to complete our roster.

I will stop here but if you are interested and want to know more or get in touch you can have a look at our Guilds of WoW page: gow.gg/together. (just add the https)

I hope you find what you are looking for and take care


Hello, we would be interested in your ele shammy…

Hey there, if you have a couple minuets to chat I would love to tell you about our guild, shoot me a msg on discord : Fluxien#5035 or my battlenet is Flux#2320

Hey Wúrm, here’s a run down of our guild, only issue is we’re on alliance :frowning:

Hey Wúrm,

Take a look at our post here: [H] Stormscale - <Neon Pegasus> 8/10 HC Recruiting for Core Heroic Raid Team and Beyond.

We’re a group of friends from the UK in our late 20s and early 30s, currently 8/10 HC raiding on Mondays and Thursdays (1930-2230 UK Time). We’d be interested in any of your classes and would love to meet you in-game .

Hi Wúrm
We are mainly after DPS (which I see you have) but check the link below, come join the fun run on Friday and see if we are the type of guild you are after

You are more then welcome to join the guild Sorry Mate My Bad (Ravencrest - EU) which is a very chill and relaxed guild. We are alliance and our Normal Raid team is looking for more chill relaxed players. We raid Mon and Thur from 20:30.


If you was willing to play alliance we would have a spot open. we are a mature guild of mixed abilities that cover just about all content. are raid time would fit you and im always a fan of having another Pala tank after all we do rock in raid :slight_smile:

[A] Quel'thalas/AzjolNerub - Twilight Traders (LFM)

Might be of interest to you