LF Mature HC/M raiding guild

Hey there,

we (healer and dps) are looking for a mature alliance guild that is raiding once or twice a week between 19 and 22:30 server time. The days of raiding do not matter to us, just the time, because we have to get up early. We would like to raid heroic and mythic, but not aiming for CE, because we are looking for a casual and relaxed guild, not a semi-hardcore one with high requirements. Due to irl we aim for a peaceful place with a good/active community and healthy raid-atmosphere. Blaming, pointing out, elitism or toxicity are not our thing.

In BfA we reached 11/12 (Mythic) Ny’alotha. Currently we are 7/10 (Heroic) Castle Nathria. We as well got raiding experience from previous expansions (starting from WoD).

Happy to hear of you :slight_smile:

Hey, maybe this is what you are looking for.

what classes you playing ?

Sadly we are alliance :frowning: