LF Mythic focused raid guild

Hi there,

I recently returned to WoW after a short break since the start of the year and am searching for a mythic raid guild that is aiming for cutting edge in CN and beyond. Preferably I would like to join a well established horde guild with a good track record as my main aim is to make new friends and find a permanent home for the future.

I have been raiding since vanilla usually to a high standard with multiple cutting edge achievements and my main focus in the game is raiding and M+ content. I have experience as mainly healer or DPS and I’m looking for a guild that can overlook gear this far into the tier and give me a chance to get back into the content I enjoy. Open to a reroll at this point providing its a class I have experience on and what the guild needs are.

Please add my real ID and lets chat :slight_smile:


Hey mate, we might be a guild for you. Please check out our recruiting post

I will add you on battle net for a chat :slight_smile:

Hey :slight_smile:

Check us out -> [H][EU][⋆ Divide et Impera ⋆] is looking for Dedicated Raiders for its Main Core