LF mythic raiding guild

Hello! My name is Yägerz and i am looking for a new guild to raid in. Got 11/12 mythic in Nya’lotha on both my priest and shaman but as healer.
Preferably semihardcore or hardcore guild if willing to giving me a chance to prove myself.

Having had a slippery slope not knowing what to do in wow since i wasn’t enyojing healing anymore i have switched to dps. Priest/Warlock/ele shaman and DK are the ones am playing right now,but have experience on balance druid aswell but i am more comfortable in shadow priest and have alot of fun playing it aswell, need more experience on shadow but i wanna become better and improve any way i can. Looking for a raiding guild that pushes in to mythic for cutting edge, I am always pushing myself to become a better player and teammate, add my btag and lets have a chat! My discord is also Yägerz#5972

Warlock: Yägerzlock
Shaman: Yägerz
Priest: Yägerzpriest
DK: Yägerzdk

Hey mate,

We are a mythic raiding guild that consists of a lot of longtime players who like to raid in a laid-back, mature but still very focused atmosphere - and we are actively looking for 1 or 2 more dps namely either shadow priest, lock , rogue or DK.

Your post seems to me like we could be a good match! Please also check our recruitment post below.

I would contact you on discord, lets have a chat :slight_smile:

Hey :slight_smile:

Check us out -> [H][EU][⋆ Divide et Impera ⋆] is looking for Dedicated Raiders for its Main Core