LF mythic raiding guild


as im no longer interested in pugging raids/m+, I’m currently looking for a guild to progress mythic raiding.
I’m willing to change realm as my realm is dead anyway.
Im Currently only 10/10Hc as im only pugging…
Stuff about My Char:
GS: 224
Rio: 1659 (Rank 2 on my realm, but as i mentioned its dead…)
Logs: Average 85(Raid)
Average 99(M+)

Stuff about me:
I’m not limited on time, so i can Raid whenever the raid is
Main language is german, but I know how to speak english
Started playing wow seriously in Shadowlands
Keeping Talents/build/etc. updated through WoWHead/Icy-veins/Streamers/Youtube
First guild I were in was a fun guild thats why i quitted

If you are Interested, feel free to contact me:

Hello! Do you have any preferences in Alliance or Horde? My guild is looking for more people to progress Mythic this patch, and ofc 9.1 and forward aswell. We’re an Alliance guild on Connected realms Defias Brotherhood called <|The Left Hand|>. We’re currently 6/10 Mythic but are currently bringing in non-coreteam raiders to fill the spots. And would like to fill the spots with just a core team.

If you feel like this could be of interest, you can add my b-tag Sevious#2233

Best regards

hey mate

we are looking for another tank that can also dps (our current progress is 5/10 mythic). In case you are interested then pls check out our recruitment post linked below and feel free to get into contact with me (over discord preferably) any time

Im playing on horde so this wont work :frowning:


We are looking for a DPS DH with offspec tank.
If this interests you please feel free to read our recruitment post for more information and add me to battlenet for a chat.

Look forward to hearing from you,

Hiya, we have been searching high and low for a Havoc DH for our Mythic team but I see you are horde and just wanted to say bother and all the very best to you! I hope you find your ideal home :slight_smile:

Hey :slight_smile:

Check us out -> [H][EU][⋆ Divide et Impera ⋆] is looking for Dedicated Raiders for its Main Core