LF PvE Guild


I’m making this post for both myself and a friend of mine. We’ve both been playing this game for a very long time (I’ve been since April 2005). We are both looking for a Guild for the coming expansion and have had a bit of a difficult time finding one that we feel perhaps ‘at home’ in. The last real guild that we were both in was during Wrath of the Lich King, which is sad in some respects as I think we have missed out on probably one of the most central aspects of the game since - community.

My work doesn’t enable me to keep to solid schedules due to it’s nature, although I do still spend a good amount of time in game, mainly Mythic+ for my PvE content. My friend on the other hand has a slightly more static work life so is able and keen to raid as well as do Mythic+.

We’re both comfortable with the idea of faction changing/realm transferring if need be. All in all, we’re looking for a friendly guild which is quite determined in a PvE sense but with an active social element to it.

I’ll check back on this thread however I’m also contactable on battle net - #ShinyPants22338

(fyi I did not choose that tag)

Hello, please check the below, and if you like it, feel free to /w me.

Hi if you want to check the thread from my guild :smiley:

I can invite u to our guild at draenor if u are interested , we clear heroic weekly and we are trying to expand our roster to push into mythic.
You can hit me up at OfekHazan#2673
A friendly community for players who mainly pve, we do a lot of m+ together. Our players are mostly active during the weekends

Hiya :blush:

Totally get that home feeling, it’s so important. I think that kinda connection is way more what people stick around for, than for the actual game itself. It’s the commmunity feel. With that in mind, you’re welcome to come check us out in Strange Loop (Draenor) to see if we’re your kinda people.

I don’t have a solid schedule either, as I’m a shift worker, but if you and your friend wanted to come for our HC raids (weekends 21-23ST) you’re welcome to come :smile: M+ a lot of our guys are keen on and run high keys every week, usually organised via our guild discord.

I’ll add your bnet but I’ll post mine as well just in case there’s any issues :blush: it’s Desiderata#2592