LF Returning player community (H)

Hi folks, I’m returning after quite a long break in wow, I would really like to join a community and/or guild where I can socialise, learn about what i have missed and start to run Mythic and Raids.

I played from Vanilla upto the start of MOP and returned to play a little of legion (a few weeks) and then I’ve come back really for Shadowlands.

I’m a mature player and have a couple of friends who would also like to join.


Hello! I am in the same boat as you, I returned some weeks ago (played casually every xpac since vanilla) and I am looking for communities to do mythics and bgs come Shadowlands, so I follow this post.

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Hello Zanzubar.

have a read here

i cant promise that we can fit in all of your friends because you didnt mention what they play comming SL.

Add LFC#21212 if you want to have a talk and if we could be a match :slight_smile:
Best regards

“I out the wrong link in. Have a read about our guild”

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Have updated the post because it appeared I put the wrong link in.

Amazing, seems to be just what I am looking for :). I have sent a friend request and i’m trying to convince your discord server that my name is my in game name :smiley:

Great. We will get back to later today :slight_smile:


This might not be entirely what you are looking for. However, I have created a small community where no server transfer is required. As a bit of a background I am former mythic raiding guild leader, who can no longer can commit to a raid schedule. Therefore, I have created a small in game community of players where the goals of the runs be it mythic+ or raids are about enjoying ourselves, while still trying to have some challenge in game.

The community is new and we currently have 11 members, we are still growing but many of us have played together anywhere from 4 to 10 years. It is going to be a small group of people 20-25 people maximum aiming to do mythic keys together with voice. There will be some raiding but it will be casual as most of us are a bit past the dedicated raiding time of life. So for example we might say a week in advance would anyone like to raid next friday and we’ll get it sorted, it is all about what works for the majority and there is no need to commit at all to a raid if you are busy on a given day, we won’t be aiming to do mythic most likely, I won’t rule it out however.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, please do send me a friend request and we can discuss further.

Thank you.

If you guys are still looking, the Double Agents would love to get to know you and you’re friends. We are a social community between all skill levels and age groups.

Greetings, Tala

EU Community: Double Agents
Language(s): English
Recruitment Contacts:
Battle-Tag: Hanni#2955
Discord: TalaVal
Zanuri-Khaz’Goroth (Horde)
Eleonoora-Arygos (Alliance)
https://www.worldofwarcraft.com/invite/NaNaEmsJkB?region=EU&faction=Alliance (Alliance)
https://www.worldofwarcraft.com/invite/25n5LYSkYN?region=EU&faction=Horde (Horde)
Requirements: The Double Agents are two joined Communites for those, who enjoy the lore and fun on both sides - the Alliance and the Horde. Both sides have interesting and unique characters and questlines which are worth to be appreciated. Your characters on each side are welcome to join us! It is not requiered to join both Communities or to have the Double Agent Achievement, the mindset is what counts. Achievement Hunting, PvE and PvP is very welcome but also chatting and socialising . No hate speech, btw. :wink: We also have a Discord.