LF weekend raiding guild (H)

Hi, community,

Are there Horde guilds with weekend RTs?

I stopped raiding at the end of the Legion because I couldn’t raid in the evenings during workdays. I go to sleep early (at 21-22:00) cause I have to get up early in the morning (6:00). But with Shadowlands near the corner, I started thinking about raiding again. As my schedule hasn’t changed, I can afford only weekends.

So I’m looking for a friendly casual Horde guild for normal and heroic raiding on any more or less populated server.

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aww shame your looking for a horde weekend raiding guild we have one on the alliance side

Sorry, but I don’t “feel Alliance” right now :slight_smile:
If only you had undeads… Or any cool caster race for warlock (still waiting for the Broken… :roll_eyes:)

Hello Keliron.

We at Faster Than lag is going to be a weekend guild. Currently our members are deciding on days (Currently friday/saturday winning) and times (20.00-23.00 ST). Our aim will be to clear curve in each tier.

Maybe we are just what you are looking for ?

Please read more here

If you are interested or got any questions please add LFC#21212 and lets have a chat.

Best regards Raelona :slight_smile:

Hello Raelona,
I have sent you a request :slight_smile:
lichb0rn#2794 - that’s me :slight_smile: