[LFG] AUG, Disc priest, or Resto Druid for S3 guild

Hey Champions of Valdrakken!

I’m currently looking for a raiding and m+ guild for s3. I can either main Augmentation Evo, Disc priest or Resto druid. I have only focused on mythic plus the past few seasons. Although, I would like to get back raiding with a guild instead of community pugging.

Raiding days
Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday

Hey there!

Ministry of Silly Wipes could be a good fit! Our raids are on the weekends =) With people running Mythics throughout the week.

Please have a read through the thread I’ve linked, and feel free to add me via the contact info at the bottom if you’re interested, or have any questions!

Hello there fellow Dreamer … We are new raiding guild looking for some fresh blood if you are interested in more you can add me on discord axtral92

Hey there , you still on the lookout for new guild ?
I think were a good match, so if youre interested in knowing more. You can contact me on discord

Or check out our guild recruitment post:

Ps. To join the guild you would have to perform a server transfer if youre not on one of the realms listed in the link above. Or ofcourse you can start fresh char on our realm pool. Trial period for you to join in on raid is fine with us before you decide to evt. Transfer a char to the server.

Brg Pet.

Above the Lore - Stormscale EU

We are a newly formed guild this season so have spent much of our time building an active core group and pushing M+ keys. With season 3 in the not too distant future we are beginning to put together a dedicated weekly raid team with AOTC in mind. Guild discord is active and social with most members from the UK / Sweden / Finland.

If you’d like to talk to the team feel free to add me on discord and we can see if we’re right for you.

Discord - Qweggla
Bnet - QweggyD#2216

Hey! You should check us out :slight_smile:

If you are still looking give me a shout:

hey if you are still looking for a guild check out Aurorae [H] [9/9H 1/9M] is looking for new Members 2 continue some Mythic and for Season 3 - #3 by Sindó-kazzak
we are looking for people for now and 10.2