LFG Fire mage 220 ilvl 2/10M exp

Hello guys.

I am looking for a late night raiding guild for myth progression.
I am 220 ilvl Fire mage with 2/10M exp.
Located on Twisting Nether at the moment but I can transfer if I find a descent group.

Thank you for your time.


I’m from a guild on Alliance, on the Defias Brotherhood realm, my guild is currently 3/10M and we’re progressing on the fourth right now. We raid from 8.30-11pm server time if that’s late enough for you. I’ll link you my guild’s information if you’d like to have a look at us :slight_smile: Feel free to message me if you’d like some more information about us!

Heya, we are a 2/10M alliance guild on Chamber of Aspects and are looking for dps to join our raid team. There’s more information in the link below or add me on bnet for a chat scar#2634

Hey there, we’re a small guild on Draenor with the hopes to raid in the future. We are currently recruiting for m+ and would love for you to help us!

Feel free to read about us and get in touch!!

Hey mate,

We are chill 3/10M guild on Dreanor. Raiding 3 days a week 23-01:30 (server time)

Our GM: Zugames#2827
You can also contact me Amenis#2735

Hi there!

I’m Guild Master and Raid Leader of and I believe we might be a fit for you. I made this post you can check out. If you need more info or would like a chat please don’t hesitate adding me on either:
Bnet - Keanon#2571
Discord - Enjay#6929

Hello my only concern is about the time in order to join you. If it was raid time at 21:00 server time it would be best.
I don’t know if I would be able to be on time for 20:00.

Unfortunately I cannot change our raid times. If you can figure out a way to make it work for you, I would love to offer you a trial position.

Hey pal,
We are Joint effort on Twisting Nether.
Raiding 20:30-23:30 server time wednesdays and sundays.
We are looking for the last dps spots to fill out the mythic team, currently 2/10.
If you havent found a home yet please PM
Marrsta, Cachool, Louffarbob if we are online or add me to battlenet - Pallysup#2703

Best regards

Hey man we are we are currently in the recruitment process, we are looking to recreate our old guild full of great players with positive mentality, in order to achieve CE in 9.1. We currently are in need of RDPS. feel free to check out our thread in the link below, and give me a shout on Bnet: Clockwerk#21350, or disco: Felyra#0565. Hope to hear from you


If your still looking for a guild we would love to speak to you.

Please check our post below and if it interests you please do add me on battle net. (Psykick06#2401)

Look forward to hearing from you,