[LFG] New player looking for a guild

Hi all,

I’m a new player on the server Draenor. I’m willing to change if needed. I’d like to join a guild that does mind helping new players as well as doing dungeons and raids once i can get there :slight_smile: .

I’m unsure what else is need so any help would be appreciated.

Above the Lore are an up and coming guild on Stormscale focused on raid/M+. Chilled, midcore atmosphere with the aim of achieving AotC each season and pushing rio. Recently formed in 10.1 so there are some newer players among us but we believe building a team is just as important as recruiting one. Drop me a message on discord or bnet if you’re interested and see if we’re right for you.

Discord: Qweggla
Bnet: QweggyD#2216

Hey! Check us out, any questions drop me a message :slight_smile: No Longer The Lost Eu - Recruiting for M+, Raid and Social

Incase you haven’t found a home yet, we tend to try and be helpful and teach eachother - since most of our players have plenty of experience with a few classes. Mainly we care about the fact that people try their best and actually improve on paper

We focus on Raiding and m+, with stuff outside of wow going on as well or just sitting on discord and chatting while we all play different games.

If you’re interested despite other offers here, hit me up on Sarodra#2778 :slight_smile:

Hi there Ironhartz could i interest you with us at all?

Hey! Forsaken Misfits is a raiding / M+ relaxed guild who is always looking for new members to join our ranks :slight_smile: Zatur#21946