LG Guild Shadowlands for raiding and more

HI there and thank you for popping by,
I am on the look out for a guild for Shadowlands, Faction does not really matter to be honest rather have a fun and exiting guild over what side ill be on. Ideally prefer a smaller guild than a spam massive guild can get to know people a bit more. Alliance preferred but I do love my hordie’s!!!

I am looking to play Shaman, Warrior, Mage, Hunter or Warlock . I Have ZERO interest in healing but I don’t mind OS tank for Warrior or DK. I am 32 Years old, from UK been playing since Vanilla on and off.

I am looking for a guild that raids between the hours of 19:30-23:30 any where in between them. I can’t or won’t raid Friday or Saturday as well basically I just dont want to. But rest of the week is fine.

I Believe I will bring a confident, well knowledge and well prepared player to your guild who isn’t scared to get his hands dirty and help out when I can. I am mainly a Heroic raider but with Mythic but I do believe I can push myself and become one if the chance came. I do alot of homework on my class I main.

Cheers again

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Hi Phatty,
Narcotic Narwhals is a newly reformed guild recruiting ALL at the moment and building our mythic raiding team for SL,our raids are WED/THU/SUN 20:00-23:00 server time. We are horde guild on Tarren Mill. The officer team has mythic raiding experience from previous expansions.
Since we are a newly reformed guild we’re pretty small still:)
We would love to have you on our team.
Add me on Bnet for more info cerealbutchr#2518

Hey there, Please add me on Discord for a chat :slight_smile:


Hey there, we are interested in you and would like to have a chat with you if you are interested. I’ll leave you the link of our forum post, hit me up when ur interested :slight_smile:

Hi Phatty!

Please have a look at our guild, and let us know if you would be interested, I think we will be a perfect fit


Hi Phatty,

Can see you’ve already had some interest. DDLC is a new guild on Tarren Mill (Horde). We’re not huge and looking to fill our last few spots with committed players that spend time on their class.

We Raid WED/THU/MON 20:00-23:30 ST (which is 19:00 UK time).

Drop me a message on discord if you’d be interested or want to discuss further. Aphyxia#7232

Hey Phattyb,

You’ve got plenty of replies, and you may have found a new home by now, but I figured I could always try.
I can rehash my whole guild recruitment, but it’s easier for me to link you to it here so you can read it all in peace.

Either way, you seem to be our demographic of people (similar age etc.) and play times would be very suitable for our group we have currently. As you mention some of the ranged classes we’re looking for, I could ensure you a spot on our team with those!

Hit me up on Bnet at Florian#2148 for a chat :smiley:

Hey Phattyb… Ataraxia is for you! we are a guild that will be focusing on progression and Thursday/Sunday are one of our raid days! We want to create a connected guild of people that loves progression!
Add me here: Liebe#2005 on discord!

Had to respond for the name if nothing else and your post was better than most. This may be of interest to you…https://eu.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/h-casual-imperfection-new-late-night-guild-recruiting-raiders-and-socials/203698?u=d%C3%B3tdotdie-draenor