Lionsguard are looking for a few new players

Lionsguard are recruiting a few new players for our guild.
We are looking for a few dps and a healer or two to join us as we journey through the Shadowlands. We are a UK based Guild but welcome all english speaking players. We are a small guild by design and our player ages range from 18 to 50.
We are currently raiding 2 nights a week. Wednesday and Saturday from 8.30pm to 11.30pm server time.
Our primary goal is to play and have fun together with the expectation that we will clear normal and heroic raids while the patch is current. We have cleared 7/10 bosses on normal Castle Nathria and will continue to push through this content at a steady pace.
To be clear, we are not looking for anyone who wants to rush through the content and we do not want anyone who is going to create guild drama. Basically we like to play the game for fun. The loot is not the end goal for us so, if this puts you off we are not the guild for you.
We run a lot of mythic + keys and have the aim of being able to clear all the mythics at a +15 by the end of the current patch.
For certain content minimum requirements will be set purely to ensure that we are all pulling in the same direction however, these will most likely be very relaxed requirements as we see World of Warcraft as a way to relax.
If you are interested in joining our guild or just want some more information then leave a comment below or message either SaltShaker#21837 or Paxo#2870 on battlenet.

Now at 8/10 with Sludgefist dead. Still need a few more players…

We are now 10/10 Normal 2/10 Heroic. We are still looking for a few players and Specifically, a Hybrid tank that would like to DPS in raids and tank Mythic +.
Message us if you are interested.

Hey all, we are still looking for more players. Need some more Melee DPS classes, Warriors, Rogues, WW monks and DK’s. message me if you are interested!

Still looking for DPS now at 5/10 HC

Looking for more dps still, now at 6/10 HC!

We are still looking for some more players, we are full on tanks but need more dps and ranged. We are 8/10 HC and are looking to push the last 2 with 2 Heroic raids per week.

Still looking for more players to help us move from 9/10 to 10/10 HC.

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