Live Developer Q&A Friday, 14 December – Submit Your Questions

Are there any plans to make Expolsum easier to obtain?
The current loop of crafting tons of bracers to scrap isn’t really enjoyable and trinket WQs are quite scarce.


Have you ever thought about adding talents to mounts?


What’s the status on uncoupling Artifact pairs for transmog? I really want to mog shield and sword separately on my prot pally.


What are your plans regarding class utility? Giving something unique to each class and spec is very cool but it really feels that utility has not been spread equally. Monks and DH feel mandatory for the 5% damage buff (which can’t be emulated by any consumable), rogue is a must pick in higher MM+ because of Shroud of concealment, while on the other hand DPS shamans do not bring anything unique to the table besides Tremor totem (which is useless if mecanics are done properly)


Is there any chance of a change to how the artifact appearances are implemented for guardian and feral druids? I cant overstate how important being able to change our shapeshift appearance has been, it makes playing a druid so much more interesting vs staring at the same model, but there are so many amazing BFA weapon models just going to waste on feral and guardian druids.

Can the appearance be shifted to something hidden instead of an actual item?

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Will pre-7.0 continents get flight path NPCs with the Legion/BFA zoom-in and quest display capability?

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When will we see the AH revamp that you mentioned in the past?


Why is Horde getting all story attention and the nelves who took the hardest hit of any player race in the history of WoW is getting hardly any? Do you think nelf players find the experience enjoyable and fun?


Is there any additional information you can share about classic - possibly a beta version? Classic community is eager to help you with identifying possible issues.

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Can we expect any form of Legendaries throughout BFA e.g. MoP cloaks, WoD rings?


The Shaman changes on PTR came without comment and there has been confusion in the community. Did deeper changes not make it in time or is the team’s opinion that this will fix larger issues? Are there further plans?


Will we ever see class design such as it was during MoP/WoD ?,im looking at you Demo/Destro warlock.


Lets hope an Arena related question will be taken for once:

The current reward system for Arena ends at 2,4k Rating and 50 wins. The next reward one would aim for is Rank 1 Title. Due to the heavy inflation of MMR the current Rank 1 title cutoff sits at around 3,1k. This is a gap of 700 Rating. Many, me included, have almost no reason to keep playing after reaching Gladiator. Rank 1 is something I do not see happening. I have 3 different characters on Gladiator rating and all my mates don’t feel like playing more than the cap because of the current reward system. There is simply nothing to aim for.

To come back to the main question: Are there plans to change the way rewards are given out, a fix to MMR or additional rewards after gladiator?


Are further server mergers still a thing that is planned for the near future?

They were mentioned Blizzcon 2017, and in a Q&A, but we’ve not seen or heard from them since. An update would be wonderful.


Do you have anything planned for Windwalkers in PvP? They feel still really unfinished. The new PvP Talents are cool, but being binded to 2 honor talents which are must pick does not add versatility to the specc overall.


Any changes planed for duelers guild? No reset cd after fight, no healing, limited number of duels, no cross faction duels.

In 8.1 we will be able to acquire some rewards from island expeditions with currency, but this doesn’t include the items that were available before 8.1. Will the previous items be added to the vendor at some point?


Will the holy priests get some necessary buffs in regards to mythic + content to get more comparable to the other healers ?


Can we haz the spell effects from legendary cloaks transmogged, too, pretty pls? :stuck_out_tongue::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

  • Can we expect PvP Vendors? Soon? People are asking for it since Legion because it was the best and fairest way to obtain PvP Gear.

  • Can we expect PvP Items like in WoD? The two-itemlevel Gear was the best solution for PvPers you’ve ever done. It was fair, easy to obtain, best for PvP and you could buy what YOU want :slight_smile: .

  • What’s up with “dead” talents in PvE and PvP? Many specs have Talents that are used rarely. Maybe some small adjustments per Hotfix?

  • It is possible to NOT bind Ret Paladins to Awenging Wrath that much? It’s so annoying and frustating if you’re only viable every 2min in PvP.

  • Why does Divine Purpose does not (6x in 30min) proc from itself? It is still buggy, or intended? Actually that talent is nearly dead because it’s not fun without procchains.

  • Why are there still no new archievments for honorable kills? There’s still so much potential. Any guys, framgrounps aren’t and excuse because you’ll find them always, everywhere…

  • Possible chance for Brawls to be permanent, or every week without a downtime?

  • Winter Arathi is great - what about bringen up more second versions of other BGs? Maybe in a another queue?

  • Can we expect more Battlegrounds in BfA? Seething Shore is something different, yeah, but not really satisfying.