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Something happened in the last 3 days and my loading screens are insanely slow, sometimes it takes up to 20-30 sec to load, doesn’t matter if it’s Dalaran or just simple /reload. My PC is extremely fast so this isnt the problem.
Things i did hoping to solve the problem:
-Did Network troubleshoot and there weren’t any problems.
-Deleted Cache folder and Blizzard folder from Program Files.
-In Battlenet Settings unchecked “Use browser hardware acceleration”.
-Deleted all my addons completely and reset WoW User Interface.
Nothing worked, the only thing that changed in the last week was that my windows 10 home updated to windows 11 home… please help me i am losing my mind. I play this game since 2005 and never had this issue.

the person here describes hardcore servers but its clearly all servers atm.

Its not you. Its the game.

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chkdsk, diskpart, run your drive’s diagnostic tool, update the drivers cause the win upgrade probably broke those cause its windows… Check your drive read/write speeds, check UAC, memtest, if you’re still running on HDDs for some reason then defrag cause win upgrade starts indexing unindexed pages

Tho best bet is to just reinstall windows with a clean install because again this is windows and windows upgrade installs are as stable as reliant robins going over 30

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I had that too, but to me it only happened once for each game version, except for hardcore dungeon loading screens which still take longer than they used to.
EDIT: and it also seems that the loading screen ends for all party members at exactly the same time.

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