Login able?

Is anyone able to login? Or all get dc/ed after Que time?

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Nessuno può accedere e se riesci e ti disconnetti NON entri più, calcola che a me sono sparite le mount di classe sono IMBESTIALITO

I agree with the goat DK above me. IMBESTIALITO! Indeed.


Fare una domanda in inglese e rispondere in italiano non è utile.

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Io la vedo in Italiano quindi sticazzi

It’s an english forum, write in english.


nearly 2 hours now. been in the queue to log in. finally says its logging in once my place in the queue is sorted… then BLAMMO disconnect. started 2 hours ago with a 1 minute wait and now its constantly increasing each time the game borks up. 2 hours later and not even got to my character screen because blizzard are too retarded to have thought that increasing server capacity may be needed due to how hyped anything towards shadowlands is

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