LOLOLOLOLOL to the fools who joined the

Community Discord Promotion. You jist signed away your right to complain for a POSSIBILITY of a free ingame pokemon at the cost of having the token dropped and massiveky crapping on the entire playerbase…you camt say crap negative or you get a lawsuit…gg

The what now?

Blizzard was advocating EU discord owners to join a community program yhat basically they may or may not give you in game rewards for speech control and legal liability if you talk negatively about the company according to their legal agreement you have to sign to join.

Did anyone actually join that rubbish?

Guess how many are on the list.

That link is funny, either it’s not been updated or no one signed up.


I have no idea what you’re talking about, can someone elaborate?

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Looks like it was a program for Discord server owners that promised a chance for in-game rewards in return for hard moderation on the way people were allowed to talk about the game on your server.

Heh, I signed up, my own Discord server is mostly empty anyway, and the few friends that come there are more for chatting :slight_smile:

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