Looking for a Casual Raiding guild

Hey guys!

A little bit about myself. I have lost my way in shadowlands. I need a guild to keep me motivated. I play a multitude of Characters and I can play them to a high standard.

I am looking for a Chill guild to progress through Castle Nathria. I Went 7/12M as Ret Pala in BFA until work changed the times I could play. I was 3K rated in tanking M+ as Prot Pala. and 2.2K across multiple dps.

I am currently playing Fire mage 199IL but I have WW monk 180IL Sub Rogue 191IL Protection Pala 192IL and Vengeance DH 188IL
I don’t mind what specs I play I am happy to help out Tank Healer or DPS. Just looking for a decent group of people who enjoy the game. But are good enough to push with. I haven’t pushed myself into raiding I have only cleared normal but I can push Heroic I cant see it been a problem just at the moment lost the motivation to pug. Would just rather do it as a guild and have a good crack but I cant stand pugging.

I would Consider moving server but not faction for the Right guild.
Add me on Battlenet. lets have a chat see what type of guild you run and see if id be a fit into your plans.


Hey there! I did add you on btag but thought I might aswell also post our recruitment post here! :slightly_smiling_face:
If you are open to consider a newly formed guild we are a fresh guild with leaders that got prio mythic experience and 10/10 HC.
We plan on raiding 2 days a week and really in need of ranged DPS!
Here is our recruitment post

hi check out our post and see if we are a fit for you

Thanks for Reading

Hi @Jízzdragon

Check us out and let me know, we do need a WW so you would be a good fit:


Hi Marblecakes.
I’ve added you on Discord. lets have a chat. see if I would be a fit for you.

Awesome! I’ve added you back! :slight_smile:

Dude like d:
If you didn’t wanna join the guild there is no problem and no big deal but next time just let the person know instead of just like removing them after continuesly asking questions and wasting their time while acting like you were joining, like wat? Why would you do that o_o
That was so awkward and confusing to me lmao.