Looking for a completely new experience and just want a friendly guild to enjoy it with!

Hi all, as title says I am looking for a completely new adventure. I am a long time wow player on and off for the past 10 years but after sticking to the same class and server I want something new. All my friends who I played with years ago have now moved on to new guilds, servers or games and I am basically left playing solo with no one to chat and have a laugh with.

Because of this I’m looking for a new guild, any server, any faction I don’t care. I just want chill people to chat to whilst we all play. I’m not asking or expecting to be added to any raiding roster or rated bg team. I love pve and pvp and happy to do anything I can to help the guild but I am solely just looking for a social experience before anything else and just want to feel part of a community again after being a solo player for the last few years. If you need anymore info to see if I would gel with your existing group then please do not hesitate to ask!

Thanks for any suggestions or offers anyone can give me :slight_smile: have a great day!

Hi there,

Phylaxis is a brand new guild on Draenor. We are a very social bunch focussed mainly on raiding and M+, but if you can deal with us doing that you are more than welcome to join us as a social member, we are looking to grow our community with all types of players. Aside from raiding and M+ we run all sorts of content so hopefully we offer what you’re after.

Our (more raid focussed) advert on the forums is here: [H][EU][Draenor] <Phylaxis> 8/10HC Recruiting for progression team

If not, I hope you find what you’re looking for :slight_smile:


If your still looking for some where to make ew friends and chill, you’d be more then welcome to join us at Jynx on kazzak - if you would like to chat and get more info please feel free to add me on discord or battlenet

Airiain#4406 (discord)
Emmi2014#2825 B-net


Maybe Sabotage is a good fit for you? Add me and we can have a chat if you are interested to learn more about us!

Hey there mate
If you like a change of faction aswell we might be a good fit for you as you seem just like the type of player we are looking for.
We are only a small guild (and we plan to keep it this way to remain personal).
We have played together for many years and like to take our time, have a laugh, and chat.
If you like to get in touch just give me a shout at Sil182#2743

I hope you find what you are looking for and have fun!

Hey Kiezz,

I’m part of a small guild full of filthy casuals! :wink:

We’re a mix of timezones, we do raid but we are ‘pushing’ anything crazy. You aren’t forced to be active, and you can keep to yourself if you want to.

We have discord & teamspeak, someone is usually around :slight_smile:

DM me on Discord Lele#1337 or on bnet - Lele# 22500

Hi Kiezz
We’ve been around for 15+ years so we aren’t going anywhere if you want to check us out.

Thank you all for the replies so far, amazing to see so many guilds happy to accept me. You are all very kind and look forward to linking up with some of you soon!

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