Looking for a guild for shadowlands

As the title state i am looking for a guild for shadowlands, here is abit about myself.
I have been playing on and off since Vanilla, I am a semi hardcore player with all the time i have been playing this game, mainly for shadowlands i wanna change my style abit, i am more looking for a guild that plans to clear HC and do abit of Mythic, atmosphere and having fun while playing will be my main goal this time around - for BFA i have been on a huge break, but i raided in the start as a BM hunter / ele shaman with logs on 90%+ on world of warcraft logs on HC and NM and around 85% + for the Mythic kills i did.
I can play what the guilds need the most this we can have a chat about that.
I would prefer ranged DPS though, i can play on any server and faction.
You can always add me on battlenet and we can have a chat.

I will provide you with links of my progress when we have a talk if needed.

You can catch me on Battlenet: Mingh#2917 - look forward hearing from you.

Dynamics is just what you’re looking for

Realm: Draenor
Guild : Dynamics
Faction: Horde

We’re offer raiding, pvp, and alot more in terms of social content aswell.
Our main focus is Raiding Progress though. Contact me/us for further information.

Contact information:


Invitational link:
https:// www. guilded. gg/r/zzME24evAR?i=NmLr3ow4

Still looking


Have a look at us and let me know if you are interested.


Hey Olaf!

Team Dynamics are now recruiting good raiders!
(Server: Draenor, Faction: Horde)

Are you interested? Apply here:
https:// www.guilded.gg/r/zzME24evAR?i=NmLr3ow4