Looking for a new adventure

Hello All,

I am a druid tank (205 Ilvl) that is currently looking for a raiding / Mythic+ Guild. I am currently at 10/10 Castle Normal and 3/10 HC Castle. Do send me a message to Xoan (If you are on the dragonblight server) or to WelshDave#2238

Class: Druid
Spec: Guardian
Xp: Played since Vanilla on this account but have experience in all dungeons and raids.
Logs: www. warcraftlogs. com/character/eu/dragonblight/xoan

I am looking forward to hearing from you :slight_smile:

A fairly new (very new) guild that I’ve just created to have fun on Draenor.

Hoping to start a raiding team (could use with a raid officer) (3/10 HC on Castle Nathria) , progress some mythics here and there and have some PvP enthusiasts in the Guild as well! If you want to join just for the sake of socialising? Come on in too, you’re welcome!

So yeah, sign up and come enjoy the game the classic way! :smile: Feel free to apply to “Twelve Gates” or just reply here :slight_smile:

Hey there!

I see you are on another server, but I thought you might be a good fit for us! We are actually looking for a tank as our raid tank would like to go dps instead. We are also 10/10 normal (won’t show up in the logs bc some people were on their out of guild alts) and 3/10 HC - looking to push that number up as soon as possible :slight_smile: More than anything else though, we are a nice gang of people that like to play together and have fun. Check out our recruitment post and message me if it sounds interesting and you want to chat to find out more!