Looking for a Questie alternative


I recently started playing WOTLK and I was wondering know of a good addon that I could use to replace Questie? One less resource hungry, i have read comments from people and even content creators that mention that Questie is good at causing lag and fps issues.

A few have mentioned RestedXP, i thought we had to pay for that one, and TomTom…i am not familiar with these and how heavy they are or not in the game.

I would appreciate your feedback on this matter.

This forum is for Retail, so youwill likely get fewer responses than you would in the Wrath forum here https://eu.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/c/wow-classic/wrath-of-the-lich-king-classic-discussion/288

There’s a thread about it Rested XP addon

Personally, I play Wrath with almost no addons, because I prefer bumbling through as near as I can get to being new all over again, so I haven’t used Questie or RestedXP.

I can tell you that TomTom does not provide routes for quest sequences. It just provides map co-ordinates. This is very useful when you see a Wowhead comment saying the gadget is at 23.73 18.45 - you can tell TomTom /way 23.73 18.45 and see where it is on the map. But it doesn’t suggest where to go next.

It is against Blizzard’s ToS for an addon to charge.

1) Add-ons must be free of charge.
All add-ons must be distributed free of charge. Developers may not create “premium” versions of add-ons with additional for-pay features, charge money to download an add-on, charge for services related to the add-on, or otherwise require some form of monetary compensation to download or access an add-on.

But some people may try to get away with it through a lawyerly interpretation of the wording.

I started down the rabbit-hole of trying to figure out what’s going on with it, but gave up.

But here’s the thing: Classic Wrath is already very light on resources compared to the bloated Dragonflight. Do you really need to find something lighter than Questie? Has it been giving you problems? The Questie Issue pages are here https://github.com/Questie/Questie/issues and I don’t see anything baout it.

I have read comments and saw videos of a few content creators talking about it, i for one notice lag each time that questie has a new update and is loading everything when i log in, does it cause lag on the background? I don’t know.

In any case i have found one that clusters the world map much less than questie and seems to be working quite well and that’s CodexLite.

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I see that with other addons, for sure, but I don’t think that is a problem. When an addon gets a database update, there is no way to avoid recalculating all the quests or items or whatever it is keeping track of. So you wait a minute when you first install it to prepare those changes.

Lag while actually playing is a difefent thing.

When I’m playing it’s fine but i guess you are right on what you said.
I also expect, because it seemed to have have happened to people before, that addons sometimes can conflict with each other and cause some issues.

In any case I’m still using Questie, seems to be the best out there.

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