Looking for a Tauren guild

I am looking to RP a Tauren any good guilds out there taking on new players?


You are in luck, my friend. I can point you in the direction of the Aparoshe Stampede, a tauren guild that is led by an awesome guy. I’ll let him know you are looking and you can check it out yourself for some epic tauren adventures!


Now is the best time to join us aswell, because we’re going on a campaign THIS WEEK. You would get the opportunity to meet a lot of friendly faces, and clash with the Alliance. We’re going to Stonetalon, which is like THE Tauren zone, after Mulgore of course.

We’d love to have you with us, Eaglebluff.


Thanks sounds like a plan.


There’s also the Spiritwood Tribe, I’ve seen them about.


There’s three equally good Tribes at the moment, Aparoshe Stampede, Tauwahe and Spiritwood.

But the most important bit is Dance of the Earth Mother where all of us in all the different t guilds out there get a chance to hang out with each other :grinning:.


Depends on what sort of tribe/ Rp ure after I´d say.
We indeed have several tribes that are active on AD.
War - Trade(kodoriders) - Spiritual.

I´d say join the tauren discord for more information, but I don´t have the link anymore myself :stuck_out_tongue:

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