Looking for active social guild


Returning player ex-raider, looking for an active social guild. I no longer have any interest in raiding or such. I’d like to find some people I can chat to and have a laugh with, and occasionally group up with to do stuff. I don’t mind if the guild raids, as long as it’s not one of those guilds where if you aren’t in the raid team you get ignored or not included in anything.


Heya! Our guild is friendly and does stuff outside of raiding! :smiley: We do M+ runs, group up for leveling when possible and run fun social events. We have several non-raiders and we all have a laugh together.

Hit me up on Discord (Tea003#8087) or in game (Tea003#2501) for a chat if you’re interested!


Hey mate,

I hope that u add my battletag so we can have a chat. I think unity of righteous ( alliance guild on silvermoon) is really ok for you. Id love to either have a chat with you trough battle tag or on discord.

Until we chat;)
Wendy#2302 is my battletag


Feel free to whisper me ingame: Anettehunter-TheMaelstrom or Sweetblond-TheMaelstrom! We are a social guild with very kind members! Our server is made up of 4 connected servers, medium size :slight_smile: Just /w if you want more info about us :wink: