Looking for casual, mature group for all PVE content

I’m looking for a close-knit guild or community where I may fit in.

My favourite part of WoW is finding a group of players, really getting to know each other and gradually take down bosses and achievements. Having some people to chat wow and life on an evening, wind down and escape.

Due to starting a family, I stopped playing for a few years and unfortunately so did most of my closest contacts in game and previous guild.

I came back in SL and whilst I’m in a lovely guild, I’ve not found my group yet.

What I want from WoW;
A normal raid once or twice a week. Ideally after 8pm GMT so that I don’t end up dumping parenting on my partner.
Some M+ in a completely non-PUG environment. M+ wasn’t a thing when I last played a lot, I’ve completely avoided it so far and I want to grow into the swing of it with friends.
I have a Monk and Warrior at 70, prefer melee or healing but I’ll do literally any role or spec. I’m always happier filling the gaps no one else wants to play rather than sitting on the same character. No one wants to tank, no problem.

The people I hope to play with are:
Active on Discord, believe it or not I prefer talking to typing
Are nice people who are patient with players of all skills and are good at organising things to join in with.
Have some life stuff going on, it’s good to talk about more than WoW. I want to talk careers, family and other things whilst mindlessly grinding renown.

Who I am:
40 year old accountant from UK. Love all sorts of games and sports. Life does get stressful at times and I love escaping into WoW to relax and socialise.
I played healing priest for the longest time but recently have done the last couple of raid tiers as a WW/MW monk. Not bothered about faction/server. Ideally I could loiter in discord before committing to move any characters

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are you alliance ?

I can be. I prefer playing alliance but my current 70s are both horde

Would love to have a chat with you, please add TinyZoe#0006 on Discord! Easier to express and explain what we offer and are looking for via there!



You might like to join our group. We are a very small, close-knit community. We have known each other for years, but also welcome new people and do our best to be inclusive.

We are all mature players, based in the UK and we also know how families, work life etc can be.

If you think you’d like to know more, feel free to message me :smiley: Sil182#2743

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HI, did you find a guild? You sound similar to me and i’m also currently looking for one after the one i was in for years disbanded several months ago.

Hi Dude

were currently recruiting happy to chat further on bnet cervet#2247 will post the link below
[H] Unwavering Fools (HC 7/8) - 2xDPS 1xMaintank - Recruitment / Guild Recruitment - World of Warcraft Forums (blizzard.com)

Hello, just wondering if your still recruiting new members?

hello, we are close knit group of people having fun and giggles. We are pretty much active on discord. We also raid Monday WEd from 8-11pm svt… WE are serious when we have to but but i can say it’s pretty much chill and nice to hang with people. … if you would be interested let me know

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Would be interested in knowing more…my battlenet is yarddog10#2114 if you get chance

I see you received a lot of great offers, friend!
But, if you still haven’t found your place, we’re also looking for more active members to our raid roster. You can read or reach us through this post! :slight_smile:

Hey Parth,

Take a look at our profile

[LFM] [EU] [H&A] [draenor] [M+] [Raid] Relaxed social Guild recruiting - Recruitment / Guild Recruitment - World of Warcraft Forums (blizzard.com)

And if you like what you see join the discord and we will take it from there.