Looking For Guild (2)

Im looking for a guild for me and some friends, there are three of us playing, -

Resto Druid (223)
Elemental Shaman (225)

Were currently Horde - Draenor but would be open to faction / realm swapping.
Due to IRL commitments were looking for a guild who understand IRL happens but still want to raid at a Mythic level, We currently have 4/10 M and plenty of experience in some of the other fights.

Can supply logs if required.

Classes / Specs can change given the right circumstances also.

Add me on Discord for more info or a chat.
Discord - Kerstez#4963 or Necio#3906
Bnet - Kerstez#2669


Add me and let’s have a talk :slight_smile:
bnet: Virtus#21767

Hey there,

Would love to have a chat! Here’s some info about us.

Hi Guys,

I added you both on discord, would love a chat.

Check out our post below and we can talk more on discord :slight_smile:


Updated - Still looking

I added you on discord, would love to have a talk when possible. Cheers!

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