Looking for guild For mythic + Dreanor H

Hi, I recently got back into the game and want to focus on m+ for shadowlands.
Maybe some raiding also I can Play: Friday - Sunday And in the day through the week.
I have Been playing since burning crusade with the same group of friends that stopped playing in 8.1 Looking for a new home Please feel free to add me to discord for any questions. WildYeti#5680

Hey, i tried the discord name but that didnt seem to work, maybe a capital is out of wack, anyway i would be happy to talk to you if you give me a shout Fluxien#5035

Hi There

Please have a look at us, and let me know if you are interested.

Looking for resto sham/dudu btw.


Hey Wildyeti!

Dynamics is just what you’re looking for! We’re offering raiding,pvp,mythic+ and alot of more fun!

Server-realm: Draenor
Faction: Horde

If that sounds interesting to you, apply here
https:// www.guilded.gg/r/zzME24evAR?i=NmLr3ow4