Looking for guild

Hi there

I’m looking for a new guild for Shadowlands !
Main interests are raiding and m+.
I’m available on weekdays between 20.00- 23.00 ST.
Looking initially for a healing role but open for DPS as well.
At 120 I can play Hpriest-Rdruid-Rshaman.
I hope to find a stable guild to grow in and make friends along the way :slight_smile:

Thanks !

Hey Mikuma,

My guild Véndetta is looking for more healers for our raiding team. We can still fit in a holy priest or resto druid. You can find all info about us in our recruitment thread:

Feel free to add my Btag so we can have a chat :slight_smile:

Kind regards,
Keata (officer of Véndetta)

Hello Mikuma.

We at Faster than Lag is a new rebuilding guild that is currently looking for a holy priest for our raiding team. Our aim is to clear curve every tier and if we have enough interest we would like to kill some bosses in early mythic …

I hope that you will consider us for your future home. You can read more about us here

If you want to know more or got any questions please add LFC#21212 for more .

Best regards