Looking for guild

looking for guild to push further with in raids, i have 0 exp but a quick learner not askin to get carried but askin for a chance. [A] silvermoon/Ravencrest

<Fïnal Dream> is a newly founded guild by a group of raiders from Legion. We are currently putting together a raiding team for Shadowlands, and are looking for DPS and healers, all classes and specs.
We also want to welcome players interested in mythic+, PvP (both rated and non-rated) and the social aspects of the game!

At the moment we are mostly doing m+ and leveling new characters.
We are also trying to do more PvP (rated).

Send me a message (here or battle.net Robin184#2290) if you have some questions or simply want to join! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Hey Dèmønic looky here

[H][EU][Draenor] Dyslexia Rading ] English

Dyslexia Rading is a newly formed guild which was made in August 2020 by a few friends.
Our goal for the future is to progress as far as we can through Shadowlands raids, hopefully reach some mythic experience, but it is not the goal for starters since we need to learn and work as a team all together
But we aren’t only about raiding, we want to build a fun and sociable environment where there is space for social events in the future and also help each other out with Mythic+.

Expectation we have for you as a raider:

You can be there in time before raid
Fully enchanted and gems
Always have the best foods and flasks for raiding

We are currently open for recruitment for Shadowlands Raids:
Tank - Open
Healer - Open
Melee DPS - Open
Ranged DPS - Open

Raiding Days: Wed & Mon (20-23ST)

Contact info: PotatoKing#21107 or Jess#22256


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