Looking for Guild

Hey guys, I’m currently looking for a friendly social raid guild that has a laugh and doesn’t take mistakes or dying too seriously :).
I’ve been raiding for a while, but not anything serious.
The reason I am looking for a new home is because the guild I was currently in took a break (like the rest of us) at the end of the last patch and when 9.1 came around not a lot of us returned and now have merged with another guild. But unfortunately the raid days they do I cant come to.
So I am looking for a new home to log in with and find special people that would have laughs in and outside of the game.

The raid days I can only do due to work and IRL things are: Monday-Wednesday-Friday and the occasional Sunday.

So if I am what you’re looking for or at least someone that you’d think would be great to talk to, please feel free to add my contacts.
Oh and I also wanted to add in that I wouldn’t mind transferring or changing faction if it meant joining a really cool and friendly environment :slight_smile:
Many thanks, Dan
Bnet: Danrawrr#2121 Discord:

Add me on Discord for a chat :slight_smile:

Hi Priestmeup

I have added you on Battlenet but feel free to add me on discord if that is easier: Antionette#8339

Hello! I’ve added you on Battlenet to chat =)
You can add me on Discord too if you want; xWestie#9361

Hello! :slight_smile: What you’re looking for sounds like a very good fit for Epoch. I’ve sent you a bnet request

Hi there Priestmeup,

I believe you could be a very good match for our guild on Eonar-EU. Our raid nights are on Mon+Fri between 20:00-23:00 servertime.

Have a look at [A][Eonar] <BEAST> [5/10 SoD(n) | 8/10 CN(h)] challenges you! Do you have what it takes to..... make fun? :D Join us and experience a fun time with great people!

Hope to hear from you!

You can also contact me via btag chat directly on Thorck#2781