Looking for Knights of the Ebon Blade Guild H OR A


Just came back the game after a 2 month break, and really fancy jumping into a Death Knight Community.

I am wondering which faction has a more active Knights of the Ebon Blade guild if there is one?

Thank you, and happy RPing everyone, it’s good to be back :slight_smile:


Both! The Ebon Onslaught is very active and has both a Horde and Alliance guild. Really nice players and lead by some v. smart and large brained individuals who know what they’re doing.

Outside of them I’ve not run into too many active DK guilds, but I have seen a few DKs around Stormwind.


A new death knight guild named The Charnel Knights has just been added to the Argent Archives, but that’s the extent of my knowledge about the guild.


Hello there!

The Ebon Onslaught is the largest and most stable DK guild on Argent Dawn. We are on both factions so you can play whatever race you want and are a big utiliser of the Cross RP add-on and elixir of tongues.

We are always looking for new initiates or even death knights! Please find our contact information I’m the thread linked above!


There are 3 I know of. Ebon Onslaught, Dark Grail and Charnel Knights. EO has been going for a while, one of the bigger active guilds on the server, I don’t know anything about DG, and CK launched last week I believe. I say look into all three and decide what you like the best, talk to guild officers about how they run the guild, etc.

Oh, EO are Alliance and Horde, whereas CK and DG are Alliance-only.

If you wanted to play a more villainous DK on Horde, there’s always the Grim Gest…


I’ve just started a DK Guild on the Alliance** called The Veilguard which is essentially the Special Ops research wing of the Ebon Blade, dedicated to honouring their oath to protect Azeroth by conducting research relating to the Shadowlands Crisis and its effect on the lands of the Living, and seeking ways to mitigating its effects. The guild focuses on IC progression as well as OOC progression as an RPer through encouraging members to create their own events over and above what I have in the pipeline already, so they can get experience DMing and add to their RP toolkit, so to speak.
** once the guild is properly off the ground, I’ll see about expanding it into cross-faction RP in a more structured way.
Find us on Argent Archives!


Only recently gotten this idea up an running but running after a long period but its an independent Ebon blade guild call the Ghostly guard, more or less we the ones going where no mortals would even dare think of going, prefer to operate in Azeroth to keep both the scrouge and any other darker forces at bay at any cost. Far often going into what mortals would call suicidal situations, were we merely shrug at them and go for it. (contact for info and yes still lvl)

I can recommend the Charnel Knights too.

Specter of Servitude is also a new death knight guild on the way, run by myself, and is essentially Fealty to the Grave but on Alliance and with a few improvements. It seems like there are plenty of guilds to choose from!

Hello! I’m one of the officers for the Ebon Onslaught and I can confirm that we are always looking for new recruits for our ranks.

With a joint effort of both Horde and Alliance members, we are one of the biggest death knight guilds on the server. We have rather regular events and role-play, with plans of moving further into the Shadowlands.

So feel free to contact us in-game or by Discord (in the EO thread).
If you choose another guild, I hope you have fun with them!

Others already mentionned the name but since the thread is now live, i’ll just link it there so you can read more details about the Charnel Knights.

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