Looking for mature non bs guild with focus on m+ and hc (with optional mythic)

Returning player looking for a nice guild for SL. I skipped BfA, played most of WoD and Legion.

I am looking for a nice bunch of people with a mature culture in the guild. I enjoy banter and jokes, but want to avoid the twitch meme spam guilds.

Will be playing rdps in SL. Most likely Warlock main and Mage / SP alt (might do all 3, depends on effort to maintain alts in SL). I don’t mind either faction and I have max level chars that are movable if I find a nice guild somewhere. (They are currently on [H] Kazzak and [A] Silvermoon).

I want mythic progression to be optional. I have played hardcore in the past and I know I could get lured into it again :smiley: The plan is to avoid that though, so being in a guild where the goal is HC and any mythic is a bonus would probably help. When the guild clears HC I dont mind moving on though (as a fun challenge kind of thing).

Also want m+ for the gear and occasional RBGs for fun.

35+ Swede, so I am open for Swedish, Scandinavian or English speaking guilds.

Hi Augury

It’s still not a guild, but I believe I share some of your goals. You could even help me out if that’s something you’re interested in.

Good luck in your quest :smiley:

Evening Augury - very similar mindset to ourslves if your looking for late evening raiding.

Hi Augury,

We have the same vision and goals. Please see below our Guild info and see if it is a place that you would be interested in and if you have any other questions Bnet tag is Anixxi#2467 or Discord Anixi#7470

Hey Augury

Please check us out and let me know if this is something you might be interested in.


Hello buddy, if you’re looking for a swedish community that aims for efficient raiding with Cutting Edge as goal. Clearing HC+normal the first 1-2 weeks before Mythic comes out. Hit me up <3

Personal#5770 on discord or Personal#21442 on b-net

Look at our recruitment post.
Rat Pack

I am 100% confident that you will love what you’ll see.


Once you’re there you should be able to PM any of the officers on that Discord (Woosa, Cronali, Vorium, TbXie) and go on from there.
This guarantees that we will get your message asap and you don’t have to wait unnecessarily long to get an answer.

Thank you & Best of Luck in both your applications and in SL!