Looking for Progress Guild

Hey there.

Im playing WoW since 12 years now. Activ progress-raider between beginning WotLk to Mid of Pandaria.
I am 25 years old and live in switzerland. i am perfectly setup with good internet, headset and other needed hard/software.

My skills:

  • fast learning
  • knowhow about boss and raid progressing
  • well prepared for every raid / m+
  • inner will to constantly improve

Most recent:

  • Castle Nathria Normal 10/10 (first week)
  • Castle Natrhia Heroic 5/10 (second week)

My Chars:


Looking for:

  • Guild English / German (dont mind to transfer realm)
  • Avaiable Days are: (monday), thuesday, thursday, sunday
  • Solid Guild-Structure with atleast 5/10 heroic progress
  • Further target should be on mythic content
  • Place to raid for one of my chars. (dont mind to switch main)
  • 2-3 Raiding-Days

If you have any questions, please contact me on discord or battlenet:

Discord: Narelya#0480
Battlnet: Sempaphie#2799

See ya - Narelya

Hi Narelya,
If you are still looking for a guild i have added you on Battlenet Vanq#2404

Hey, maybe you are interested in this one below ? we need the 4th stable healer for our progress.

Would you be open to raiding in the weekend day time as well?
Saturday & sunday 11:00 - 14:00.

Feel free to reach out;
btag: Joneski#21916
discord: Joneski#7147

[H] [EU-KAZZAK] 8/10H
Good morning!
Wondering if you are still looking for a guild?
And what would be prefered role/class, would it still be disco?
Our raiding nights are Tuesday & Thursday 19:45-23:00

Feel free to get in touch!


Please check us out and let me know if you are interested: