Looking for Raiding guild


I am looking for a guild who needs a tank, currently a guardian druid. I have cleared Normal Emirdrassil multiple times and already know the strats for Normal (and heroic - haven’t put inthe practice however-). I hope to find my next guild to join in raiding :slight_smile: .

Next to raiding i can also join for M+ and other events.

i can be contacted through:


Discord username



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Have a good day/evening,

Hi there

If you are still looking for a guild, we have a newer guild on Ragnaros that is focused entirely on having fun, meeting friends, helping one another, and enjoying the game. I understand this would require you to server transfer, and understand if that is not something you are looking to do. That being said, we do a ton of amount of dungeons, are working on our own raiding roster as our guild grows, and do fun activities as far as mount runs, transmog runs, discord shenanigans, and sometimes variety gaming.

undertale22 on discord or HopesNDreams#2993 on Bnet!

Hey there :slight_smile: , how are you? I hope you would find us a nice place to be,

We do M+ nightly any where from 2-20 some of us like higher and lower all a bit of fun!
We are new but have a great looking team so far and are looking for some more DPS and 1 more Tank to help finish up our new heroic raiding team!

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hey there, please add me on discord for a chat :slight_smile:


Hallo I am from a guild on Draenor called “Its bloodlust not Hero” we are a social guild guild that are raiding 2 times a week with the goal of AOTC. We also have players that just enjoy playing keys or for that matter just wanna do something with other people without a major goal in their eyes