Looking for raiding guild

Hi, Im a Resto/Balance druid looking for a new raiding guild because my last one stopped raiding. I also have a Havoc DH that i also play. I am a quite new raider but i have Heroic/Normal raiding experience but i look forward to raid in the Mythic difficulty. I try to raid as often as i can and i always sim myself and try to get as good of a player as i can :slight_smile:

If you feel like a can fit in your guild you can message me on discord: Lavigne#4710
Or just reply to this post

hi I have added you to discord for a chat :slight_smile:

Hi Lavigne,

I would be interested in you joining are guild as dps either your balance druid or havoc dh which ever you have more experience playing and gear to match so have a read and contact 1 of the members below thanks.

is a new casual guild recruiting individuals who wish to progress into mythic raid content.
We’re not strict on attendance and everyone who meets the minimum raid requirements is allowed to attend. As a community
we pride ourselves in providing a tension-free atmosphere and everyone is treated equal.
Guild: Tide
Faction: Alliance
Server: Silvermoon(EU)
Current Progress: 8/8HC ET
Raid Times: Weds/Sunday 20:00-23:00 Server time
Currently looking for:
DPS: Mix of Ranged/Melee Dps
Healer: Closed
Tank: Closed
We are always considering exceptional players.
Discord: Devillings#1195,Váng#3272,Tib#5429

We’re looking :slight_smile:

All nuke Skull on anachronos, alliance. All Nuke Skull recruiting