Looking for Serious & Active RP guilds!

So this weekend I Will return to wow and I am looking for a guild on both horde and alliance each.
For my Troll character on horde I wish to find any guild that is active. Doesn’t matter if it’s multiracial or troll only.
As for my Worgen on Alliance I would prefer to join a guild that is “Dark Themed” but a band of mercenaries or something similar will do just fine aswell.

Please let me know if your guild is similar to what I’m looking for or if you know any other guilds that are.

Note: I am an experienced role player and I have been part of multiple guilds. I’m mostly experienced in troll rp but I also have a quite wide knowledge about the other races in both horde and alliance.
My characters backstories work with almost any guild theme aswell.


If you’re looking for a troll-themed guild, a few guilds come in mind:

The Painted Shields are a very active, military troll-themed guild that accepts both Tribals & Zandalari trolls:

For a more neutral, troll-supremacy approach (Zul followers), check out the Hand of Zul.

And lastly, if you are looking for roleplay secluded from most other RP, check out Shadow of the Empires, their main hub is mostly Zul’gurub:


I’m not too knowledgeable on the mercenary scene on Alliance anymore, but I know The Bloodied Goats are around and are a good bunch. Couldn’t find a forum thread for them, but they do have an Argent Archives page: https://www.argentarchives.org/node/191957. I can also wholeheartedly recommend Hand of Conquest if you’re looking for a fun Horde guild, as well as the ones Kharaas linked above for a more troll-focused experience.

Only had good experiences with these guys.


I know just the guild for a worgen who wants to get up to some potentially grim stuff!


Shameless self promotion

The Ironhearts a mercenary guild, with a dnd esque type events and story. The centerpiece being that it was founded by disgruntled members, and as such reject any larger authority.

We’ll also try to train up and utilize aerial mounts, for movement and aerial combat.

What we’re not, is overtly dark themed.

If you are looking for trolls loyal primarily to the Zandalari Empire rather than the Horde itself, Dazari of The First Empire have you covered. Besides that, all the troll guilds already mentioned are definitely worth considering!

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