Looking for social, chill Horde guild (EU/Agamaggan)

Hi guys,

Loads of people love WoW especially due to the social connections they’ve built up over the years, but unfortunately I have never really had the pleasure to make meaningful connections ingame. That may be due to my playstyle, so let me know if I’m a good fit for you:

I’m (26/f/the Netherlands) primarily looking for a social, non-competitive guild. I’m not very good at running dungeons, let alone raids and due to some bad experiences in dungeon finder haven’t been super eager to get better. However, I would love to run more dungeons with players who possess enough patience and don’t mind stupid questions so I can finally enjoy all aspects of the game. I also just enjoy chatting and getting to know people.

I’ve been playing since Pandaria off-and-on and I’m currently on Legion xpac, I skipped BfA but am eager to start playing Shadowlands. I main a Blood Elf BM Hunter. I don’t have all the time in the world due to my full time job and a 8 week puppy on the way (next week!), so anything with hefty time requirements is probably not a great fit. Extra points if you have a guild discord so we can keep in touch even when out of game.

Let me know if you’re willing to take this dungeon noob under your wing!

EU / Agamaggan / Horde / Legion xpac

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Don’t know why it posted on a random Ally toon :sob: this is the state of what you’re working with


G’day Beowoof! If you’d consider a Horde guild on Chamber of Aspects I’m sure we’d love to have you on board. We’re a very active guild with a TON of active players. We have recently recruited 5-6 returning players too, so you would feel right at home we feel if you want to reroll.

We raid twice a week progress, into SL we’ve shuffled to raiding Mon/Tue 20:00-22:30ST the other days we just do … Stuff? M+, achievements, alts … Look we have a lot of fun.

We’re no CE guild, never will be, but we do some Mythic raiding and we’re looking at getting to the 2nd half of the Mythic raid in SL. Our forte is an EXTREMELY lively guild, gchat and Discord (some channel names could get me banned on forums for a few weeks), helpful people, and calendar stuff almost every day of the week.

We have all types of players, raiders, socials, bit of both, achievement hunters… And we have many of each so we make events for every type of player and they all get plenty of people attending.

Give us a shout if this sounds good to you.

LepantoESP#4381 on Discord

I sent you a FR on Discord (Faena) I’ll probably start a new toon on Chamber of Aspects because that sounds like my place to be :slight_smile:


All the cool kids are doing it already!!!

Greetings Faizzle,

Our guild, The Twilight Tier (Horde, Saurfang) is currently recruiting new members after a time of inactivity. We’re rebuilding our friendly and drama-free community and are looking for like-minded players who are searching for a place to call home. (Er zijn ook een aantal Nederlanders aanwezig!)

Several of us have been busy leveling our way through the content in anticipation for the upcoming expansion. Every now and then we’ll get together and do dungeon runs to help each other gear up or get through a few levels.

Recently we’ve been getting ourselves used to dungeon running again, letting our guild members try out their tanking or healing skills. To us, it’s all about having a fun time together than clearing a dungeon in the fastest time.

We have a guild discord set up so our members can communicate outside the game, and use the voice channels during dungeon runs (or to just chat). Most of us are in the age bracket of 30-60, so our active times are generally in the evenings and on weekends. We also understand that real life takes priority, and having a discord server so we can keep in touch is a boon.

If this sounds like a guild you’d like to be a part of or if you have any questions, please feel free to send me a DM on Discord (Veletala#8483) or via Battle.Net (Veletala#2216) and I’ll be happy to chat with you.

Best of luck in your search for a guild you can call home!


hello Beowoof.

We all have to start somewhere and have all been in your shoes so i get where youre comming from.

You are very welcome with us at Faster than Lag. I cant brag about 500 members and all the stuff the guild has done in the past because it doesn’t matter now and we won’t ever be 500 people where you get lost and no one really knows your name.

You are welcome to read more about us here

If you are interested or have any other questions please add LFC#21212 for a chat.

Best regards

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