Looking guild

Hey,i am just getting back to game . I skipped bfa and sadly the start of shadowlands.
Got decent past raiding xperience nothing insane but considerable so i have idea how what works :slight_smile: . GOt allso 6 months of raidleading xperience from siege of org.
I am looking to get back into game and raiding.
Haven’t yet fully decided what i main druid(feral,boomking,resto),enhancement shaman,dk or shadow priest. Can take intrest of healing allso specialy as resto druid. GOt my lvl boost still. So server dosnt matter much or alliance or horde side. Most of all i am lookin good bunch of people to play together and kill some bosses and so on. Now i am mostly going to be wery active player. Mythic +,raiding and if group even some pvp . Can contact me here on the forums or add my battletag Maestery#2432

[LFP] [H] [Stormscale]

Looking for Balkan ppl ( Hrvatska, Srbija ,BiH , CG…) for Shadowlands expansion. Casual , friendly players trying to make some good community.
Disc contact sx#2485 :+1:

Hey there, we are in need of more casters/healer so if you would like to play lock/mage/owl or a healing mw monk we can ez find a spot for your in our guild.

Check the thread below, and if you like it, we can chat more.

Hey! I just saw your post, maybe our guild will be something for you.
We are on Outland - Alliance. Iuncta Iuvant is a newly founded guild with experienced players. We are currently looking everyone to fill our ranks. We are going to organise raids, have Mythic + nights or just running Transmog runs. Our guild has as motto Together, We Strive and that’s what we live by. You can message me if interested. Looking forward to have you in our ranks!!


We are looking for a Raid healer, ASAP: