Looking guild :)

Hey all ,
i am starting game again over many,many years of break been now back allmost 2 weeks checking changes and stuff and diefrent classes. Would really love to find guild for myself to chat with people and get into more other content like raiding and mythic +.
I hate playing alone.
Gonna take me a litle to get into respectable place for raiding but good community of people would go long way .
I am intrested on raiding and mythic+ and even pvp .
Got past raiding experience .
I am 33 years old.
Can contact me Maestery#2432 or just leave message here

Hello friend o/ Your very welcome to our guild. Were located on alliance silvermoon though.

Hey there could i interest you in us at all?

Added you on b net pal, might have a good fit for you :slight_smile: Sarodra#2778

Hi, we are a new guild Ravenmane and are recruiting players.
We just started raiding this week with all new members and progress is 9/9N and 5/9 H.
Not bad for the first time and all new members.
Raiding days are Thursday and Sunday 19.45 CET - 22.30 CET.
We also run a lot of M+ so feel free to ask any questions.
We are located on Silvermoon


Hello brother If you are still looking for a guild, we have a newer guild on Ragnaros that is focused entirely on having fun, meeting friends, helping one another, and enjoying the game. I understand this would require you to server transfer, and understand if that is not something you are looking to do [3:32 PM] That being said, we do a ton of amount of dungeons, are working on our own raiding roster as our guild grows, and do fun activities as far as mount runs, transmog runs, discord shenanigans, and sometimes variety gaming.

undertale22 on discord or HopesNDreams#2993 on bnet