Mage tower appearance unlock

Hi. Simple question, and hope someone can answer it.
ive unlocked the mage tower appearance for my artifact in legion. In BFA i rolled a new character on the opposite faction but same class… Can i unlock the tints for the mage artifact on this new character? AS it is right now I can use the colors i had unlocked on my legion toon. But id like to do the rest of the tints on my current char.
Thanks alot in advance

Pretty sure you have to do the activities on the char you earned your initial appearance on.

I think Magiola is correct.
You have to get rest of the tints with the original character that gained the appearance in the first place.

Yes you can.

To equip that tint right click on artifact in transmog menu.

Hey all thanks for the answers so far… Equipping a tint is not an issue… As it is now I have unlocked 2 of the mage tower tints on my former main in Legion. Now that character is lvl 110. My current main is on another faction and is 120. That toon can easily equip the 2 already unlocked tints… the question is wether i also can unlock the remaining 2 tints on my current main? since levelling my alliance alt to 120 to gear him and later do RBGs is not likely to happen.
So can I unlock the RBG tint for magetower artifact by doing it on my new main that has acces to the magetower tints but hadnt personally unlocked the magetower artifact back in the days?

To unlock color variations, that has to be done on the character with the Artifact and in the case of the Mage Tower the character who completed that questline and fight.

So to answer your question here, it’s the 110 original character who you need to use to unlock the other colors, the one who actually finished the Mage Tower fight.

Once you do that and earn these other colors, then those become part of your Transmog collection and other characters of the same class will be able to use those (spec limits apply) afterwards.

ok thanks for the answer. :slight_smile:
I guess I’ll have to level my alliance character and venture out into the RBG’s with him :slight_smile:

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