Mage Tower Extended Maintenance

We have some extra work to do on the Mage Tower Challenge to provide the best experience for those who are pursuing its rewards, so with the pre-expansion patch (10.0.0) next week, we’re going to disable the Mage Tower.

We hope to re-enable the Mage Tower soon after the launch of Dragonflight. We’ll let you know as soon as we can confirm a date for that.

For those of you who are close to completing a spec in the next few days – good luck!


For anyone who’s wondering, it was them messing up the scaling again.


Good, I don’t want anyone obtaining the rewards for no effort.


Could not find any info b4 the prepatch that it was going away, been trying for a week with 200+ efforts to complete it with guardian druid, kind of annoying was hoping to complete it before DF


I also feel like getting specific Info is kinda hard to get in WoW here
Yeah sure its a niche thing but maybe a headsup on the launcher where it scrolls around they could add a post that sends you to a forum post containing all the posts about the content that is going to be taken out temporarily, like here it would be mage tower.

Instead I usually run into something, it dosnt work, i google it, find outdated info without noticing it and trying it out just to find out that the thing got taken out or is disabled or whatnot.
Like that solo PvE brawl arena, i always missed that one.

To be fair, if it already happened a week ago or something, then you dont have to inform anyone about it.

F tho.
Im sure youll get it when they open it up again


Bitter wee boy


can you add it back so i can earn it now when you made my class spread dots easyer

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crab in a bucket mentality

uhmmmm… “soon” ?