Mature crew of 4 irl friends looking for a raiding guild

Hello there,

We’re 4 dutch irl friends around the age of 30 that are looking to join a new guild to start raiding in Shadowlands. What we discussed:

  • Laid back raiding, Clearing Normal/Heroic and if the guild wants to maybe some Mythic.
  • We’re playing ally characters and are ready to transfer to a new realm if needed.
  • When Corona is done thursday and Saturdays will be a bit harder to raid but for now every day in the week.
  • 1 Shadow Priest (disc offspec), 1 Resto Shaman, 1 Windwalker Monk, 1 Affliction Warlock.

So we decided to look for a new home to share our Jokes, banter and fun with. And at the same time ready to clear some content without any sweat put on to it.
We know are classes we know what we need to do and we like to help others aswell.

So if you’re reading this and think, hmm these lads are the ones we could use.
Then please let me know on wich character i can contact you, and hopefully we will be clearing Castle Nathria Together !!

Hi Kräks,

I did think these lads we could and want to use :slight_smile: (in a nice way of course). Our guild is looking for exactly all four roles so below is our guild info if you want to take a peak.

But short Version is:

  • We are forming our core team for raiding.
  • Raiding on Mondays and Wednesdays 20:00 ST.
  • Mature audience and dont like drama.

If this already sounds like something you all would be interested in, you are more than welcome to add me to Bnet Anixxi#2467 or on Discord Anixi#7470.

Hope you find what you are looking for.

Kraks you need to add me, our guild is the one you are looking for!
Add me on Discord: Liebe#2005


Check us out and let me know