Migrate Your Authenticator to the Battle.net Mobile App

Migrate Your Authenticator to the Battle.net Mobile App

The time has come to migrate your Authenticator from the old Authenticator App to the new Battle.net App. If you currently are using the Battle.net Authenticator app, you must migrate to the new Battle.net mobile app by January 5.

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more spyware on phone? what if my phone is stolen?? uff

You get a backup code you should have noted down somewhere.

completely not needed its like when ea changed out origin and we got a inferior launcher

EDIT : Seems this applies only to the old Authenticator app.
Them good old physical authenticators will still work, phewwww !!

until it runs out of power heh :smiley:

I’m fine with an authenticator, stop trying to force push notifications on me.

I don’t want my phone pinging useless alerts and me an begging for my attention like a needy puppy every 10 seconds.

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Especially when 2 of the alerts were just adverts for COD.

So I revoked the Battlenet Apps permission to send alerts.

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