Monk LF PVE Guild

Returning player here looking for a casual pve guild to do m+, N and HC raids. Not interested at all in mythic raiding since i don’t have the time.
Im currently in the gearing process so i’m not the best geared atm since i just came back, and the pug world is not the best place to do so either :slight_smile: . Im able to play whichever role is needed in the guild. I’m currently on horde side but im willing to faction and or server change for the right guild.

Thanks for reading! I’m active on the forums so just hit me up here with a battletag and ill get in touch with you.

Hey there Skyttens! =)

Welcome back to WoW!
Sounds like you’d be a good fit for our Guild, Ministry of Silly Wipes!

Give us a look over, and maybe add me to chat if you like the sound of it!
Discord: xWestie#9361
Bnet: Westie#2496

Hey there, please add me on discord for a chat.


Hi Skyttens!

How are you? have you found a new home for your characters yet?

We might be what you are looking for.

Soul Crusaders was created in 2007 and enjoyed success as a friendly raiding guild. We went on hiatus from 2017 - 2020 due to burn out and RL for many members and are now in the process of filling gaps after rebuilding :slight_smile:
We aim to be an inclusive guild and respect members as real people, rather than pixels. We all have busy lives and do our best to maintain a healthy balance of WoW and life :slight_smile:

We currently run M8 and above on Tuesday evenings, learning/gearing runs (M0-7) on Thursday evenings. Our official raid nights are Fri and Sunday - but due to numbers, these are currently set as “Mixed M+ OR Sanctum”; it is decided which, based on the sign ups. We have enjoyed returning to Sanctum Normal the last two Sunday nights and the plan is to review member availability in the spring. Our current raid progress is 6/10 Normal, with 8% wipes on Guardian, so nearly there! :slight_smile: Our scheduled events usually start with invites at 21:15 server time and end around 23:00 server time, to allow for RL commitments. We are all looking forward to a more regular raiding fixture and building up to HC raids.

We still have our old-school website (it’s not allowing me to include a link I’m afraid), where you would need to post an application, but most of the chatter is on Discord these days, along with event scheduling.

If you’re interested, feel free to add me #sheira1910 or you can find us in the guild finder on Turalyon or Doomhammer. You are more than welcome to test the waters with an alt on Tura / Doom before committing to a transfer :slight_smile:

Hi Skyttens,

I’d like to invite you to have a look at BEAST, alliance pve guild on Eonar where having a fun time is what matters most. Oh and we get a few things done, sometimes by accident, but it’s merely a victory when it was a fun experience in the end.

If you want to know more or get in touch, you can find more about that over here: [A][Eonar] <BEAST> challenges you! Do you have what it takes to..... make fun? :D Join us and experience a fun time with great people!


Feel free to add me on Discord: GreenDragon#8523 , to see if we are the right fit for you. :slight_smile: