Muerto a causa de un bug

EDITED because is only letters difficult, not languages.
Sorry, I know - badly - most European languages, but not read Cyrillic letters :wink:
But I use transcriper and get: on slishkom gordyy, chtoby pisat’ na chuzhom yazyke, poetomu i napisal na svoyom. (He too proud to use others’ language, and so wrote in his own)
I can understand now. I don not know if you right. I too would like to use own language, so much more comfortable, but no forum in mine :frowning:

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Heitere Bimbam jetzt händs dänn öppe de letschti Zwick a de Geissle.
Aber easy, morn gseht alles andersch uus.
Ade mässi

Cheerful bimbam, they have soon the last notch on the scourge. But easy, tomorrow everything will look different.
Goodbye thanks

Hehe. Kann ik ja ook lesen. Mon!
Und ich hoffe wirklich dass Morgens Alles anders aussieht
(Translated: I read this too, man! - And I hope tomorrow everything really look different.)

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Heiterä Fahnä, das isch aber kei holländisch gsii, Tammi nonemal :wink:

Cheerful flag, but that was not Dutch, God damn me

Dit is ook nit Hollands, dat is Plat Ik wonte mal in Brunswik. Und 'ene andere mal in Bayern. Dein Dialekt kenn ik nit, aber denk mir das sei Shcwäbish oder so was :wink: Südlich allenfalls.

(Translate: My writing was not Dutch, is is Plattdeutsch. I lived for a time in Braunschweig and some time in Munich too. I do not recognize your dialekt. Think it from Schwaben or near - somewhere south anyways.)

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More south, Switzerland :wink: En schöne Tag no

Have a nice day

Danke :slight_smile: Du auch!
(Thanks :wink: Same to you)

Just so you know, not writing in English can get you a ban on the forums.

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Is what I said first answer, and why I always type translation to go with - forgot last time will amend :wink:

Thanks for the info, I added all the translations. Liebä Gruess!

You don’t seem to understand, writing anything that’s not in English is against the rules, even if it contains a translation.

Post in English, and English only

Moderators need to be able to read everything you write to make sure it’s not unsuitable for the forums. If we can’t, we have to assume the worst and consider the post a breach of the forum guidelines. Posts not in English are subject to deletion.
Note: an extra version in English is not good enough, as a moderator can’t verify that the non-English text is the same as the English one.

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Heb doch dä Schlittä

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Well hope Spanish thread starter

See this and just delete thread.

First I will say that the person who opened this post is a friend of mine, he doesn’t know English, and if we are supposedly obliged to write in English, let them open an hc forum in our language and problem solved. Said this, it’s a damn shame that a company like Blizzard, a company of more than 30 years allows these bugs in a game of more than 15 years and even worse on a server where death is supposed to be permanent. Take your damn responsibility, and give solution to these people who have lost countless hours in their characters and you as an indie company you have killed them.

This won’t be the first or the last time a bug causes massive deaths, so if you don’t fix this, we should seriously think about wasting our time on HC and WOW.


I wrote in my last answer - then deleted. Why on EU forum and EU server we not allowed to write in all EU languages?
I really find strange. German and French have forum, even Portuguese, but many other have not. When my kids young, they had no English, was sometimes problem in game and not possible for them to ask help here, without ask me.
You better tell Deathsyr to use Google translate :wink:

Because the support cannot speak all the European languages so they say only post in English.

Can use Google translate :wink: Today should not be a limitation to not know all European languages. Even I know not all of them :innocent:

If Blizzard should then so should anyone here who doesn’t post in English.

Anyway, it’s Blizzards rules arguing will not do any good.

I know. I just wonder, and of course we cannot post in all languages everywhere not if we want answer anyway, not many people dare write bad in all languages like me :smiley:
Forums in more than English and Portuguese would sure be nice, though. You know why Portuguese special?

I didn’t think it was special, it’s just a language among hundreds, maybe even thousands