Multiboxers swipe all resources

They run in packs, mostly druids, and gather everything.
After they loot a node - it says ‘There is no loo’, so I cannot gather anything.
Are you ok with this, blizzard?
What is being done to address this obvious problem so far?

Thanks for quick answer.


Of course they are ok with that! If it is still in game it’s fine for them.

If there’s no loo, I go to another place. In this day and age loos should be available everywhere!


If they use command mirroring or automation you can report. If they don’t do those it’s fine.

Each one has an active sub (one way or another) so 10 Druids played by one person or 10 individual players makes no difference to Blizzard. In fact those multi herbers are buying gametime with gold, which is worth more than a paid sub in the end.

I multibox 3 myself for fun and have always hated the 10 box farmer type… they are not true multiboxers - they are opportunists. This is due to the token.

They banned all broadcasting of keystrokes, it’s no longer possible to press 1 button to send a spell to multiple windows.

However this won’t stop them at all… I multibox without any software. It is still allowed.
I think that Blizzard thought they would cripple botting this way but I doubt it has.


Id report them, it’s not realistic to multibox a large number of clients so they are probably cheating.

Blizzard dont answer questions here, unless it’s a ‘fun’ topic.

Not true, multi-boxing with repeating keystrokes was fine… until it wasn’t.

I could multibox 10 if I wanted to. Sure I couldn’t make them all cast together, but for simple gathering it would work just fine.

There are people multiboxing 5 on classic just fine too clearing dungeons - all without software.

Wait, thats illegal

What is?


Multiboxing software

sounds like it :thinking: pretty SUS

Yes but you don’t need software to multibox. I am fully able to play my 3 Warlocks fine without it :slight_smile:

They’ve banned the hardware boxes too though so multiple clients aren’t feasible to multibox.

Yes hardware boxing has been banned, but manual boxing is okay.

You boot up battle net make sure that enable multiple instances of battle net is enabled.

You boot up WoW1 resize it, same for the rest.

I box Warlocks fine… start a cast on one swap to the next. Windows aren’t minimized… all stay on the screen at once.

/follow focus macro on my mouse button (2 clicks 1 per window they all follow me), 3 seat mount… it’s easy.

I have boxed Torghast this way.

I still see multiboxers , damn i hate them , i chase them for 3 mins and report every chars

I must have been reported a lot of times in 13 years. if we aren’t breaking the rules there is nothing to fear.

That’s sounds like too much effort.

It took some getting used to but Demo Warlocks are perfect for it. It’s just muscle memory.

It’s still as fun as ever and has saved me some money too!

Here is how it looks:

Thats ridiculous though. They should just ban all boxers no matter how its done.


“hardware multiboxing” lol. let me guess, if you have a gaming mouse that stores macros inside it, then technically it’s not a software that’s sending commands to multiple applications…
let me just hook up my smartphone to my PC and automate my character. don’t worry, it’s “hardware” :smiley:

Nope I am legit. I don’t hardware or software box. Hardware boxing has also been banned.

I have /follow focus macro (made in wow) assigned to my side mouse button which is enabled as a keybind within WoW itself.

This is a recording of my 2 Warlocks. I just made another 3 box group of Mechagnomes. I’m a lot better at it than that video as I have gotten more used to the new way of doing things. I don’t mouseover that way anymore for instance.