Music Thread 🎶

I just have one massive playlist on spotify I keep adding to. So nothing specific really.

I only play music if I’m not concentrating or I’m not on discord with friends.


and britney


Usually either some opera or classical. Last night I had Tchaikovsky’s waltz during an invasion.


Good for when you’re riding your hawkstrider:


Usually I use on game music but, now and then, put my Genesis favourite tracks :blush:


I’ve seen me playing some video game music too on wow, I like to play this on raids


That animegirl song:


Rarely listen to music when I play.

What I do listen to are podcasts.

Here are some interesting listens…

  1. First Take

  2. The Young Turks

  3. Left, Right & Center

  4. WVFRM with MKBHD

  5. Land of the GIANTS

Dying Fetus - Reign Supreme


Is that the one from the US, with Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian? I used to listen to that quite a lot. Best one i listened to was oooo God… about ten years ago now when they were doing a show on Keith Olbermann returning from an MSNBC suspension and MSNBC wanted him to have a “truce” with bill O’Reilly and FOX.

I still smile when i remember Cenk saying “Truce? I don’t do truce, especially with Murdoch” when he was very roughly paraphrasing Olbermann. They did some good hitjobs on Rush “The Slurping Hutt” Limbaugh too,

And Ana is still as lovely as ever.

If you like Witcher-like music, you’re probably going to love this one. I found this one randomly on Youtube and it blew my mind.


christ dude… now i feel nostalgic about a time i wasnt even alive yet

cheers for sharing though

Something like this

and something like this

Yeah, I’m that edgy guy:)

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Noone mentioned !!!


You love Banshees listen to that oe just do it after the first minute you’ll be in love with that one.

Lyrics : Little orphans in the snow
With nowhere to call a home
Start their singing
Waiting through the summertime
To thaw your hearts in wintertime
That’s why they’re singing

Waiting for a sign to turn blood into wine
The sweet taste in your mouth – turned bitter in its glass
Israel… in Israel
Israel… in Israel

Shattered fragments of the past
Meet in veins on the stained glass
Like the lifeline in your palm
Red and green reflects the scene
Of a long forgotten dream
There were princes and there were kings

Now hidden in disguise – cheap wrappings of lies
Keep your heart alive with a song from inside

Even though we’re all alone
We are never on our own when we’re singing

There’s a man who’s looking in
And he smiles a toothless grin
Because he’s singing
See some people shine with glee
But their song is jealousy
Their hate is clanging – maddening
In Israel… will they sing Happy Noel
Israel… in Israel
Israel… in Israel
In Israel will they sing Happy Noel

Enjoy, Rain and also nice thread TwinLuna

Anything from the Prodigy or Moby in the 90’s (when Moby made decent stuff)


Today has been…

Pulp, Burial, LCDSoundsystem, Taylor Swift, Sabaton, Black Midi, and Fontaines D.C

Edit: Oh! And Anna Meredith