MVP how does it work

When i am wondering the forums (wich i do a lot)
I see a good bit of player that have MVP at their name.
Is this something u can earn and if so how does it work.
Im realy curious how it works.

Thnx in advance for replying

You post a lot, help people and if you are lucky Blizzard ask. You cannot apply for it and it will take a loooooooong time.

Thank you that helps a lot.
I post a bunch on my tauren warrior Taursias.
And i am pretty active daily this wil be a funn outside wow grind (:smile:

If you’re serious about getting MVP, it will take you years of posting and helping players on these forums before Blizzard will consider you. And I would work on your grammar, don’t think they’ll give you MVP before you’re able to speak fluent english (written at least).

This explains the MVP programme if you’d like some more information


You have to beat punyelf and danellos in no holds barred, hand to hand combat to the death (or wheelchair, whichever comes first).



Our opponents would have to out-shine Punyelf’s transmog set to win, lest they be dazzled out of the arena and dragged off in shame.

In all seriousness, I think the former posters are accurate. Just make your presence on the forums consistently constructive and/or helpful, and you will be noticed. You don’t necessarily have to post a lot, so focus on quality and consistency. There’s nothing wrong with wanting MVP either. I certainly wanted it when I first discovered it was a thing, and was delighted when I finally got the email.

More MVPs are always a good thing. I hope we will see you in green some day :slight_smile:


I have everything set to overthrow Danellos and Puny to steal their powerz!
The plan is almost ready. Just need to find 1 big rusty spoon…don’t ask. The plan is genius!
Da powerz will be mine!


I used to think you had to fanboy hard :slight_smile:


That’s not wrong.

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you have to act like a blizzard employee but get not paid


Honestly it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if you would become an MVP, your posts are among the more constructive ones on the forum, so from my PoV that would be well deserved.


I’ll also add my own theorycrafting in that

1- An mvp has to be likeable since so far all mvps are likeable
2- Mvp usually aren’t negative
3- Mvps don’t really curse or get in petty fights
4- Mvps tend to go out of their way to help people
5- Mvp posts are constructive in whatever field they post in
6- Mvps must have Bukachu’s blessings.


I would say insightful, humble and helpful and when they can’t reach those criterions they lose their MVP status


Try to imitate some well known poster on the forums - for example Bukachu. That’s the best way to become an MVP.

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Why would you want to become one?

It’s seems to me the deal isn’t worth it.
Mvp looses the ability to humiliate forum bullies
becomes a target for a hate-wow-ragequit squad
constantly being called a shill whitout getting any real moneyz seems discouraging as well…
helping all newbs who got to the forums isnt my idea of fun either.

I am sure you can change your forum browser settings and simply make all white text green. :smirk:


Choose one, with BFA in mind.

A constructive post can also be positive, Here’s an example.

I don’t like the current Azerite traits reforging system because it limits respecing and costs a lot gold which is restrictive to players who like to play more than one spec, especially with the rarity of getting Azerite gear and ontop of that having good Azerite traits attached to said gear.

This is not negative, it shows my views and displays it in a constructive manner, in my opinion :slight_smile:

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