MVP System - A good looking apple which is rotten inside 🧐

Who hurt you?


I once had a long debate on the forums with an MVP and of course I was obviously right in my views and she wrong in hers, so yes they must be toxic and have mental issues as they didn’t agree with my point of view.

How could I have missed this?

Or maybe they just had a different viewpoint to me, but that would be too obvious, no there must be something wrong with them personally :wink:

I am still waiting for their friends to make me look bad and have me banned, it’s been many months now so I guess they are slacking.


Yeah… sorry… i’m always slacking. I’ll try to do better!


Less popcorn, more work!

Except, I didn’t say that someone who is simply wrong and fails to recognize that he/she is wrong is automatically toxic, cesspool, etc. person.

If you really feel strongly you can contact the team:-

Questions or concerns regarding the MVP program or its participants can be directed to

This info is from the pinned post:-


Did I misunderstand this then?



Wow, someone’s feeling worse for not having green text :smiley: #FirstWorldProblems


Is there something in the water today… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I personally do not like the colour green, so for me yes MVP’s should be banned until they can produce text in a font and colour of my choosing :wink:

I mean how dare they have a different viewpoint to mine and then have the audacity to post their opposing views in ‘green’ text. I hope this situation is rectified as soon as possible :rofl:


To be more precise you counterargued against a statement that wasn’t made.

One way or another yes people do make mistakes and I think this part of the problem exists in every group I mentioned because even “the best” human being can make such a mistake.
The problem arises when someone is wrong, he knows he’s wrong and he consciously chooses to do bad things just to be on top and I’ve seen this happen on the forum.

I think that any logical and rational statement - regardless of the status - about a given topic is more valuable than any random statement from someone with “the green text”.
So no I don’t envy someone else status.

Wait… you’re right! If MVP is someone better and their posts are green… it means GREEN IS BETTER COLOUR THAN WHITE!!!



If that is the case and you truly believe the MVP was wrong in their actions then as Punyelf linked above, there is a place for you to register concerns.

I will give my view of an MVP if you don’t mind, I see them as a helpful poster who will give links and information where they can. I do not see them as just this, they are people too who are entitled to their opinion as I am to mine, they do not have to agree with my views just as I don’t have to agree with theirs. I also do not see them as some sort of ‘deity’ in that I cannot debate with them for fear of reprisals or a ban.

As long as all remain civil, then debates are healthy and fun :slight_smile:

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Yes, I know about it but the other problem with this forum is that nothing is done about those people even when you report them. Probably because moderation assumes that MVPs can’t be bad or something like that.
You will be temp or even permabanned right away for pointing out someone’s toxic behavior because someone plays the victim but the actual toxic person won’t get punishes because he/she is pretending to be a victim.
It’s almost like moderation on this forum is utterly gullible and incapable of analyzing evidence and distinguishing between good and bad. Or maybe the problem is in too much automation when it comes to the report/punishment system.

And often they are helpful people and I did have many pleasant experiences with MPVs but then I also had very toxic experiences and reporting them did nothing.
I do agree that they are still normal people who are prone to make mistakes but as I said this is not the problem. The problem is people who consciously and intentionally do something bad to stay “on top” whether it’s “winning” in argument or protecting their “higher status”.

Sure, but due to their higher status on the forum and perception which people have of their status, many people will even go as far as to blindly defend them when they behave in a bad way.
It’s a bit exaggerated example but it’s a bit like word of normal citizen vs. word of a cop :thinking:

That’s partially true. You can be civil but completely dishonest in the way you argue and you can’t call this kind of discussion “healthy” :wink:

I mean, the apparent meaning of the title I kind of could agree with… but the post is really just a veiled attack.

If you really want to talk about how the MVP thing might not be the best, maybe take your own personal crap out of the picture?
That might go down better.


What personal crap?

I would assume that if an MVP was flagged or reported via another function such as the link posted earlier, then the Mods would have to look at the issues/concerns raised the same as they would look at the issue/concerns raised for any other poster. I mean why would they not treat an MVP the same as they would treat any poster? They have a job to do the same as most of us, some parts may be unpleasant, but it still needs to be done.

If you receive a temp/perma ban then this is normally either people flagging your post and the Mods will review. Now as I understand it, if you have in no way broken the CoC then the post will be unflagged. So when you say temp/perma ban I assume (although I may be wrong) you are talking of actions taken after the Mod review? If they attach a silence/ban then you have broken the CoC in some way. I can promise you I have personally debated with an MVP and never received a flag/silence/ban.

I can’t answer this as I don’t know how much is automation, as for Mods being gullible or incapable I would say they are not infallible and do make mistakes, as we all do, but then you do have an appeal option.

How do you know reporting them did nothing? How do we know if an MVP has ever been subject to a silence or a ban? It is against CoC to discuss such on the forums, so it’s not like they are gonna come and post the next day and say ‘oh I had a 4 hour silence’.

This is maybe a difference in perception, I do not think of an MVP as having a higher status than myself when it comes to posting. Although I will say they do tend to have a lot of game knowledge and do post helpful guides and that is the only difference. I would never blindly defend an MVP if I thought they were wrong, I am too opinionated and vocal for that to happen :wink:

I don’t know what post/thread/instance led you to believe that you can’t debate with an MVP without some sort of reprisal, but even though I know we will probably disagree, I still believe you can debate with anybody on the forums as long as you remain polite and civil :slight_smile:


Yeah that was me sorry.

Bucket was full.


It’s more of a ‘monkey see monkey do’.