My 60 rogue dead of the server lag

Hello everyone, I tried to log into the game for 20 minutes after I logged in my character was dead 60 rogue eu stitches alliance dydx.


Level 34 war horde here (Glauke)
many of us were killed during the lag and so far no feedback from blizzard on this (will there be one? …)


oh well, time to go again guys

The last post from Blizzard yesterday even admitted that things are getting worse and recommended players don’t put their hardcore characters at risk.

The main thread about the lag is here, please add your post so Blizzard can see how serious the problem is:

My lvl 60 rogue died also during the laag… im waiting for any respond…


When the developer advises to not play the game, they need to put their priorities straight.

Well you see all that free time you get from not working, your mom cooking for you, cleaning, wiping your butt, other people don’t have, so most won’t go agane just to die to dc again. It’s for blizzard to convince them this won’t happen again.

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No feedback, really?

Actually it’s the community manager - forum posters like us but paid by Blizzard. I don’t know how much contact they have with the devs.

With developer I mean the company who made it. Not only the actual programmers. The people who have a say in what happens are above the programmers.